Road Trip

If you're planning an SPN themed road trip through Kansas, you've come to the right place!

Find the best places to eat, sleep, and visit, all recommended by local fans! We are currently in the process of creating a PDF book for the perfect SPN road trip as well as goodie bags for visitors! If you need help planning out a trip or more info contact us and we'll see how we can help!

If you're a local and would like to add to this list send an e-mail to




Get ready for an awesome road trip! 

Show Related Stops

Center of the USA - Lebanon, KS (home of The Bunker). 7 min North of Lebanon, intersection of 130rd &  Aa rd.

LadyBird Dinner - Lawrence, KS - Home of the best Pie in Kansas and the original cafe that Dean met young John Winchester at in S4x03 (called Blue Jay Dinner in the show). 721 Mass St.. Lawrence, KS

Lawrence Signs - Lawrence, KS
 * Osric Chau's photo - Exit 204 roundabout.
 * Cliff's photo - McDonald's Drive between 2nd & 4th street. There is also an identical sign at 2nd & Riverfont.

Stull Cemetery - S5 Finale, Michael & Lucifer showdown, rumored to be a gateway to hell. approximately: 251 N 1600 Rd, Lecompton, KS, 66050